Friends of Third Culture Films

Below are some amazing films that I have worked on in a producing capacity.  
These filmmakers are up to great things.
I encourage you to check them out! - Heidi


Nobody Famous 

Feature Film
Director: Sarah Rotella
Status: Post Production
News: Available on Amazon Prime
Synopsis: A scathing black comedy from director Sarah Rotella about the jealousies and competitiveness of aspiring actors, as one gets a great role while spending a friendly weekend at the cottage with other wannabes.  

Show and tell.jpg

Show and Tell

Short Film
Director: Reem Morsi
Status: Festival Circuit
News: Next Screening Toronto Independent Film Festival at Carlton Cinema on Sept 10 @ 9 pm
Awards: *Won Best Director at Yorkton Film Festival 2017*
*Won Best Best Emerging Filmmaker at Yorkton Film Festival 2017*
*Won Best Short Subject at Yorkton Film Festival 2017*
Synopsis: When Naya, an 8-year-old recent Lebanese immigrant to Canada, is chosen to perform a story she wrote at an upcoming school recital she is thrilled until she realizes her family will attend wearing the Muslim Hijab so she tries to keep the event a secret.

willy  poster.jpg

His Name is Willy

Short Film
Director: Liz Cairns
Status: Festival Circuit
News: Check back for some festival announcements coming soon.
Synopsis: Two siblings begin to reconcile as they perform a DIY funeral for their recently deceased mother, who requested that her corpse be thrown to the wolves when she dies.